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With Thanks, After the International Builders Show (IBS)

The dust is starting to settle, the booths have been shipped to the next show, and everyone is doing what we usually do after IBS:  Sit back in amazement at the amount of products and services we saw, the number of new friends made and old friends visited, and hopefully how much we learned that we can take back and put into play immediately.  What a whirlwind few days.  I think my feet finally stopped hurting last weekend!


First, I want to thank the NAHB for allowing me to give back to the industry and association that I care deeply about, by selecting me to present an educational session.  I have been a member in various cities at various times and through various organizations since I was in college many years ago as the Student Chapter President for the University of Texas.  I met some of the most influential people in my life and most definitely attribute a good deal of the opportunities I have been a part of to the Home Builders Association.  My first job, my first development with my own company, my inspiration for becoming a coach and even my first coaching client all came through the association.  So it was my pleasure to provide what, according to the early reviews, was an informative, useful and possibly even a little entertaining talk for those that got in the door early enough.  To those we had to turn away due to capacity issues, I apologize and invite you to contact me and I would be more than happy to discuss the presentation and how you can apply it to your business today.


To those that did make it in the room, thank you for being a great audience.  It was so exciting to have people from literally all over the world in the room.  Your attention, energy and enthusiasm fueled me to give you even more of the same.  I hope you took a few things from our brief time together and have done something with them. One of my greatest frustrations is seeing great people listen to a talk or read a book or even just have a great lunch where great topics are discussed that could make an immediate impact on their business, yet nothing changes, nothing gets done.  People keep on paddling when they were just given a perfectly good motor.  So to all of you, I challenge you to review your notes and make just one change today.  Just one.  Maybe it is a small one, but do something different today than you did yesterday.  Make something happen instead of watching it.  Be the difference in your organization.  The empowering feeling and rewards that come with it will be so fulfilling.


And finally, to the line of people that came up after the talk to meet me and shake my hand as well as talk some business.  Thank you.  I appreciate the feedback as well as the time investment you made to not only listen to what I had to say, but wait in line for the better part of an hour to chat.  I hope I made a difference in your world that day.  I hope I somehow inspired a spark to light the flame of success in you.  And most importantly, I hope I listened with intention and gave you whatever you needed or better yet, what you didn’t even know you needed.  Please don’t be a stranger.  You took my card.  Contact me if there is anything I can do to continue to push you towards where you want to be.

IBS is always an amazing experience.  I hope each of you enjoyed it and ‘sharpened your sword’ a bit.  Success in the building business is far from easy and carries real risk.  I applaud you for investing the money, and most importantly your time, in making sure you are one of the successful ones by attending.  For those of you on the west coast, I have been invited to speak at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC) in June.  It will be an entirely new presentation so even if you saw me in Orlando, come see me again.  If you are ready to push your company and yourself to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact me.  Our initial discussion is absolutely free because I love learning about new people and companies so much.  For everyone else, until we meet again, go make something happen.

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