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What’s Holding You Back in Your Business?

If I asked you to give me a dime in order for me to give you a dollar, would you take the deal? Most of you reading this would say yes! 

Yet, surprisingly… in real life, most people don’t. 

Time and time again I encounter companies on the brink of huge possibility that goes unrealized due to a lack of planning and follow through. For example, the owners have the potential to increase revenues by more than 25%, but they refuse to invest in the help they need to get there and they stay stuck at a level well below where they could be. I have worked with several clients in the last few years and every one of them has increased revenue or started new projects as a direct result of our interaction — from real estate brokers and home builders to consulting and training companies; all have produced results they feel were well worth their financial and time commitments. 

So what’s holding everyone else back? Here are the most common reasons business owners give me. 

1. FEAR 

 “I am comfortable with where I am. If we get more successful, I will need more people,  more systems, more processes… How will I manage all that?” 

If you are comfortable you will find it difficult, if not impossible, to get ahead. Being truly successful involves pushing limits and adapting to change. Often that is uncomfortable – even painful. But the rewards of moving forward despite your fear more than make up for discomfort. 

Solution: Try on a different mindset: appreciative, but never satisfied. If you are always aware that you can improve and be better, you will have an easier time moving in the direction of success. 

2. TIME 

 “I don’t have time to meet every other week to talk about my business; I’m too busy running it!” 

If you don’t have time to improve your business, you probably need help. If a business is truly in control and performing at its optimal state, you should have time to explore ways to make it even better. Generally, lack of time is an indicator that the company needs help and the owner doesn’t know how to develop his/her people. The owner controls everything, never takes real vacations (meaning no phone, email, or texting for work), and evenings are spent catching up on what didn’t get done during the day. 

Solution: Look for ways to improve your management skills. Learn to delegate. Doing so empowers your team, and expands your business opportunities. 

Start learning the art of delegation today! Click HERE to download my free eBook: 7 Degrees of Delegation and empower your team to do more and free up time for you and those other activities you currently don’t have time for.


 “I can’t spend the money right now!” 

First off, it is an investment, not expenditure. You will get returns from your relationship with a business coach far beyond what you pay for his or her expertise and guidance. 

SolutionFocus on what can happen instead of on what is. When you add in the benefits of a coach (e.g. knowledge and accountability) your ROI will be astronomical. 

A business coach is not a genie or a fairy godmother. 

The magic doesn’t happen when you hire a coach, it happens when you partner with a coach. That means YOU are part of the equation. A coach can edge you out of your comfort zone, but you still have make the leap in order to reap the benefits. To increase the ROI from any program you invest in, the fast track is to have a partner at your side pushing you to do more at times or to help you think through when it’s best to do less, but most importantly, looking at who you are and making sure the best parts of you shine. 

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