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Use “The Force” On Your Prospects (3 Ways To Get Them to Buy)

As a kid I used to dream of having superpowers; that I could run with amazing speed, fly, have amazing strength or maybe all of those things.  I actually love to facilitate a discussion with training groups on “What superpower would you have and why?” I am always amazed at the well thought out answers by some and the complete lack of thought by others. Over my time working with groups, one of my favorite themes is the use of “The Force” from Star Wars.  A great line from the original Star Wars (“A New Hope” for the Star Wars junkies out there) is something like “These are not the droids you are looking for…” Obi Wan makes the Storm Troopers not only say this, but believe this, so that they are not captured.  He basically takes control of their mind and makes them believe and say what he wants them to.  What an amazing power!!!  Wouldn’t it be great if we could do this with our customers?  I can’t train you in the ways of the Jedi, but you can get similar results through a fairly simple process.

Step 1:  Truly care about your prospects.  Get to know them.  Be curious about them and their life.  Ask questions with follow up questions.  Take an interest in learning about them! Don’t discuss your product or service until you hear who they are and what they are about.  That way you can decide if what you offer is even right for them. Ask who, then show them what

Step 2:  Frame your presentation to their individual wants and needs versus a generic presentation you give to everyone.  This is part of the reason I dislike sales scripts.  If they are used as a guideline that is fine, but each presentation should be different.  Increasing your capture ratio is an easy way to get more business without changing a thing in marketing or really doing any more prospecting that you are now.   Invest more time figuring out Step 1 so Step 2 becomes a logical progression.

Step 3:  Ask for the business.  If you have done a good job of step 1 and 2, this should be easy. The true need has been identified, you have framed the information on what you offer in a way that answers that need… Why would they do anything else?  It is illogical not to buy.  If they don’t, more than likely you have missed something in step 1 or 2.  Start over and explore.  As long as your goal is to provide them the best possible solution, it will work.  Just keep practicing.

Though we don’t have “the force” to convince our prospects to say yes, we do have a fairly simple way to lay out a clear path to purchase for them.  Make the process easy and stay true to your purpose.  “Selling ice to eskimos” is not the goal.  Pairing the right client with a product or service that will make their life easier, more profitable or just plain better, is.  For now, stay away from the dark side of the force and practice your craft.  And until we meet again, “May The Force be with you.”

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