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The Only True Surefire Investment: You

Investment advice is a tricky thing. Whom do you trust? What are the risks? What kind of return can you expect?

What if I told you there is only one true surefire investment, and I’m prepared to let you in on it? Here is what you need to know.

  • You can make this investment with any amount of money. There is no floor or ceiling.

  • This investment offers nearly infinite possible returns.

  • This investment pays you back in the short term AND over time. In fact, it can pay out forever!

Got your attention yet? Wait, there’s more!

This investment is virtually risk free, because once made, no one can take the rewards from you no matter what happens. It is not subject to any regulations or taxes. It has no discernible downside, just loads of upside.

And, if you act quickly, I’ll throw this in as well…

The investment I am discussing is totally in your control. Once you invest, you have complete say in its future. You are not reliant on some unseen board of directors to make decisions. In fact, you dictate every move that is made with it.

Still not sure? Consider this…

This investment is for anyone who has the desire to accomplish something. The bigger your goal, the more important this is for you.

Don’t wait another moment to make your biggest and best investment in YOU!

That’s right. The the most striking difference between people who are truly committed to a purpose and those who just say they are is the investment they make in themselves! Think about it. If you won’t invest in yourself, how can you expect others to invest in you?

“This is about more than positive thinking and high self-esteem. It’s about taking ACTION.”


This is about more than thinking positively and having high self-esteem. This is about taking a closer look at the actions you take every day.

Look at everything you do in a day/week/month. How much are you consciously choosing?

How much time are you either on autopilot or in panic mode? How much time do you spend on activities that move you forward and advance your goals? What do you do that feeds your soul?

Take an inventory

  • What books are you reading?

  • What movies and television shows are you watching?

  • Who do you INVEST your time with?

  • What are you learning?

  • Do you challenge yourself regularly?

  • Do you surround yourself with people that make you better — or rather, people who either pull you down or prop you up with blanket agreement?

  • How do you balance work and personal time?

  • What do you do to rejuvenate?

  • Do you eat well and exercise?

  • Are you passionate about your life? If not, what can you do to create passion in your life?

  • Are you passionate about your business? If not, figure out what can you do to create passion for your business (or find a new business).

“When you invest in making YOU better, you make everyone around you better, too.”

I don’t provide the answer to any of these questions… My job is to get you on the fast track to finding the answers that are right for you and your business. We all have the answers within us. What most of us lack is the ability to bring them out quickly and recognize them, and then take actions consistent with them.

So I ask you, is there a better investment than the one you make in you?

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