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[News] 5 Keys to Retaining Your Best Employees

Finding and nurturing great talent is a passion of mine.  People are at their greatest when they’re in the right spots in a company, and are encouraged to excel in those spots.  I look at a company like a professional sports team.  If you want to win championships, you have to constantly be upgrading by either training and motivating or changing people out for better ones.  Everyone says they want to be a champion, few are willing to put out the effort and resources to be one.

In this article from Entrepreneur Magazine, Zechariah Newman writes, “Great employees create freedom, multiply your efforts, and increase your bottom line. However, bad employees steal your energy, take your time, and can close the doors to your business. We can spend more time taking care of negative employees then building and sustaining our businesses.”  

Read more for some great tips on how to keep the talent you have. 

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