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Four Tips to Having the Right Team in Place: Tip 4

This week concludes our four part series, “Four Tips to Having the Right Team in Place”, or in keeping with my favorite analogy, “there is a butt for every seat.” Let’s recap tips 1-3. 

Tip 1 is about identifying strengths. 

Tip 2 is about identifying the “must haves” and “nice-to-have” skill-sets and attributes for each key position available at your company. 

Tip 3 is about having people do what they do best. 

So, now Tip 4. 

Ok, so now you’ve identified the strengths of your team members. You’ve done the work to review the positions in your business and what key skill-sets and attributes are must-haves vs nice-to-haves, and have shored those and either strengthened those skillsets or transferred the task to someone else, who does it better. 

Sounds pretty good right? Team firing on all cylinders? Probably not. What about that person who just doesn’t fit?  You’ve tried everything.  They’re just not fitting in any of the “seats” that you offer, they’re struggling to get the tasks done.  And they’re most likely reminding everyone that they are doing things they don’t enjoy or how hard it is. They are impacting morale, dragging the rest of your team down with them. 

It’s an unfortunate scenario, but it happens. The truth is, there is a seat somewhere for that person. As a manager, leader, business owner, it is up to you to make the best business decision for you and your business, as well as the team member who’s struggling to fit. 


Many times, we have to help people find the right seat for them, against their will. We have to force them to find a new position by removing them from our business. It’s not something to be taken lightly, and is usually a last, but necessary, resort. It takes courage and understanding and though difficult in the moment, it is the best decision you can make. 


A company with all the “right butts in all the right seats” is set up to work together that much more powerfully and cohesively. Things get done and done well. Monitoring your talent to make sure you have the right fit is something that needs to be done consistently. People’s skill-sets and desires will change. Your positions and responsibilities may evolve and change. And, settling for the status quo by not keeping anyone in the pipeline for future opportunities is a surefire way to kill your business. (Stay tuned to my next blog for more on that.) 

Consider another seat to fill on your team; that of an adviser. Someone you can have helping you monitor your team and make sure you’re utilizing your talent in the best possible way.

Having a coach is one of the best seats you can fill; every successful business owner I know has a coach to help guide them along the road to success.

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