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Business Planning: Who Needs That?

And we’re back to our series, 7 Easy Ways to Kill Your Business…this is a good one folks…

Planning is for schmucks.They are all wrong. All the business self help books and experts on the speaking circuit keep talking about this planning and projecting stuff. Pontificating from their pretentious pulpits about how you need information from the past in an organized format that then is used to chart a course to success in the future. 

Why do we need to know where we are or have been? Ignorance is bliss right? What you don’t know won’t hurt you? Right? 

So I am starting a new movement. I am calling it the Foundation Against Information League or F.A.I.L. for short. If you would like to be a member of F.A.I.L., it is really simple. Do not use reports what so ever. In fact, make all your decisions based completely on your mood that day or if you want to get really crazy, we can send you a kit for a low, low price today and today only, of $5,000 to get you quickly on your way to F.A.I.L. It has all the decision makers you will ever need! 

Here is what is included: 

• Your very own personalized quarter from the state of your choice. For those tough decisions, what’s better than a 50/50 shot at getting it right? 

• A custom logoed Magic 8-Ball. Sometimes “The answer is unclear” is exactly what you need. 

• A signed copy of a collection of Yoda sayings. After all, “I have the question to the answer you seek’” makes perfect sense and will take you right from the murky depths to absolute clarity. 

• Custom Nike shirts. What helps you pick a direction more than seeing the phrase “just do it!?” 

• And last but not least, a custom thumb drive outfitted with links to, and various other job sites along with various resume formats and job search tips. 

So join the movement! Send your orders today to put yourself on the fast track to F.A.I.L. I can’t tell you how many people are doing it, but trust me, it is a lot! Act fast so that you don’t waste any time or money on those goofy coaches, mentors and other pontificating “experts!” You want to be part of the F.A.I.L movement! Don’t think about it or you are already working against our principles. Act without thought and send your payment today so that F.A.I.L. surely becomes a part of your future. 

All the F.A.I.L.ers will welcome you with open arms. We offer group therapy sessions to discuss how well we are doing (discussion of real information is strictly forbidden so mainly it is stories of dreams) and a help line for 60 seconds per week that has a fully trained F.A.I.L. Fasttracker. This person knows nothing about your business, and wants to keep it that way. The less both of you know, the quicker the full F.A.I.L. affect takes hold. 

So if you have always dreamed of teaming up with like minded people that believe reports, projections, and information are for crazy people, you just might be F.A.I.L. material. 

Join today and take F.A.I.L. to new heights. It is a name that will be synonymous with you and your growth pattern. The world will watch as you become a Eventually, you might even work your way up to the prestigious inner circle of F.A.I.L. called the Senior Unreal Company Killers or S.U.C.K. for short. S.U.C.K.ers as are charged $100,000 per year for the extra Holiday card they get, what a deal…. 

My friends, the reality is this. If you think your business will continue to survive on a wing and a prayer, it won’t. If you are unwilling to step back and do the things necessary to plan for the future and the success of your business (like the things I recommend in my blogs) then you really are sure to fail. I see it all the time. You are not immune to it; it’s just a matter of time. 

Having a coach that will push you to do the things you don’t have the time, money, or whatever “reason” you use, will help hold you accountable in ways you just can’t do yourself.

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