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If you’ve been putting off doing something for your business, it’s time to ask yourself:

Why not do it now? What am I waiting for?

Chances are, you are waiting for something like more money or more time, but that’s not what’s really stopping you. Most of us get stuck in fear (of failure, of success, of looking bad, or of feeling foolish).

So, we say things like, “I can’t,” or “It won’t work,” or “I’m not ready,” or “It’s impossible.” And we don’t stop to figure out if any of that is really true.

Make a list

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for waiting. If you’re not sure, make a list. In one column list the benefits of waiting. In the other column list the risks or downside of waiting. Be honest. See which column has more compelling answers, and then act accordingly.

Boost sales with my 6-step challenge

One of my clients recently described the marketing he was doing. It sounded great, but it was geared toward long-term results and it would be some time before he saw any rewards. I gave him this challenge:

1. Write down the names of your hottest prospects. 2. Write down when each prospect said he/she would be ready to buy. 3. Write down what is determining that timing. (Why are they waiting? What is in the way of them buying now?) 4. Then, write down whether there is a legitimate reason, or if the prospect is acting out of his or her own fear. 5. Look at what you have to offer. Determine if there is a legitimate benefit to each prospect buying sooner. If so… 6. Share the benefits with the prospect and make the sale!

Action Builds Momentum Odds are some of your prospects are just waiting for someone to tell them that it is okay to act, and to show them why and how. That’s where you come in. When you take action, it motivates others to take action. And, it motivates you to take the next action.

Why not now? Why are you just sitting there? Do something!

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