• Burk Moreland

3 Words That Derail Business

Three words rule the lives of so many people and businesses:

Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt.

They typically come in the form of questions like:

  • What if it doesn’t work?

  • What if I don’t have time?

  • Where will I get the money?

  • What if I don’t know enough about that?

  • What if there aren’t any customers?

  • Why would anyone buy from me?

What if we changed all of those questions to:

  • What if it does work?

  • What if I found the time?

  • What if I could get the money?

  • What if I did know enough?

  • What if there are lots of customers?

  • What if people wanted to buy from me because…?

A subtle change in verbiage brings enormous change in outcome. The first set focuses on negative outcomes and most likely maintains the status quo. The second set is action-oriented, prompting you to gather more information and take the next steps. These questions lead to a path where success is possible. When your awareness shifts in this way, ideas start to flow. Fear, uncertainty and doubt transform into hope, possibility and belief.

A lot of my job is being the second set of questions for people. My primary focus at first is to have you consider the what-if-it-does-work question and squash the what-if-it-doesn’t question. I push my clients to research what makes it work and focus on that versus sitting still based on fear of failure. It becomes laughable when my clients state a negative or a generalization of impossibility. I don’t even have to say it after a while. They hear themselves and immediately correct their thoughts. We are retraining their brains from one of complete skepticism to one of cautious optimism. All of my clients are very bright people; they just need someone to help them see through the damper of negativity that our society places on us.

Years ago, a comedian I can’t remember said that Mike Tyson had an employee in his entourage that did nothing but provide moral support. His sole job was telling Tyson how great he was by walking behind him constantly screaming, “You are the best Mike! You are the champ! No one can beat you! You are invincible!” I don’t know if this is true, but wouldn’t it be nice to have someone like this around to counteract the negative voice we all have running in our heads? What could you accomplish if you had someone in your corner telling you how talented and good you are? What if you had a resource at your fingertips that knew you, your business and your goals? Someone who not only cheered for you, but also held you accountable to your commitments and dreams, and occasionally pulled you back to earth to be sure you didn’t spin out of control?

Welcome to my world.

Replace fear, uncertainty and doubt with hope, possibility and belief. What do you know in your heart you and your company can accomplish? Pardon my Texas slang, but stop saying I wish I hadda’ and start saying I am gonna.

One of my favorite lines: Two buzzards sat on a fence. One said to the other, ‘The hell with this waitin’ for somethin’ to die! Lets go kill something!’

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