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3 Short Reads on How to Have a Meeting You Won’t Hate

This is a pretty regularly blogged about topic, and I think we can all agree why it’s so common and important. Because we all HATE being in meetings that SUCK! We have plenty to do these days, and there’s nothing worse than wasting your time in a meeting that was not productive.

So, here are a few articles that I think are super helpful to be sure you rock your next meeting – or that you can maybe slip in front of the person who runs your meetings, for some helpful tips.

Michael Hyatt’s, How To Ensure You Never Have Another Terrible Meeting has three pointers to help make sure you run a decent meeting, including “defining the meeting style.” Are you there to share information, for creative discussion or to decide the outcome of something?  This is a very important step that if missed, can cause your meeting to derail quickly.

I have written a couple blogs on this topic myself and in my most recent, 2 Rules to Follow to Make Your Meetings Matter, I talk about the importance of having the right butts in the seats.  Which is part of a larger conversation about having the right people on your team – and it’s equally important to be sure you have the right people in attendance at your meeting, depending on the intention of the meeting your having.

In Stop Having Meetings That Suck (which honestly I just love how direct that title is) I hop up on a soapbox for a few about distractions – let’s face it – we’re all distracted today. And I’ve got some great tips on how to be sure your team can take care of what they need to and be present in your next meeting.

I hope these three articles help you have a rockin’ meeting next time.  Feel free to share in the comments any other blogs you’ve read about how to have better meetings, or ways that you personally run yours that work.

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