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3 Reasons Businesspeople Don’t Set Goals – Part 3

This week I am taking on Number 3 in my list of reasons businesspeople don’t set effective goals — “If I set a goal, someone might hold me to it and that takes work!”

I call the people with this mentality The Passengers because they are just along for the ride. Rather than put anything on the line, The Passengers becomes victims of circumstance, of the market, of employees, friends, God, and life in general. They willingly (though perhaps unconsciously) put control in someone else’s hands, so there is always someone or something to blame when things don’t go their way.

Too many people go through life like this. It is really a sad observation on the direction of our world. We do it with our companies, our families and all areas of our lives. Well many of us do. There are people who see everything that happens as a learning experience. They learn when they win, they learn when they lose, but they always learn. In goal setting, in order to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and off of the hamster wheel, we have to set goals that are well beyond anything we have really pondered. And we have to own them.

Setting a goal and going for it requires more than wishful thinking.

Setting a goal and going for it requires more than wishful thinking. It requires action, effort, and perseverance. It requires some risk. And it requires a willingness to fail, and then keep trying and improving.

One last key to successful goal setting is Accountability. Once you finalize your goal, write it down and post it in a place (or places) where you will see it multiple times per day. Tell people in your inner circle about your goal so they can help monitor you.

Now you no longer have to settle for wishing and hoping. With thoughtful planning, action, and dedication your success rates will be astronomical!

So how are your goals coming along this year? Have you already forgotten your New Year’s resolutions? Do you have goals set for the next 11 months? How about for the next 60 months?

One of my favorite sayings is: People aim at nothing and achieve it with astounding accuracy. I hope you have some big plans for the coming year. I wish you all of the success you ever dreamed of. And if you are having trouble deciding what success really looks like or how to get there, or even if you just need someone to help push you over the top, I would love to help.

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