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The Rainmaker Story

Big is a word that describes many facets of Burk Moreland’s life.  Whether it is his large personality or sizeable presence, it is hard to miss him.  That theme also carries over to his success in business. Burk entered the workforce in the residential construction industry after earning a degree in Finance from The University of Texas at Austin, and immediately began making an impact on those around him.  


As he became the top construction supervisor and an award-winning sales counselor, Moreland was recognized as one of the youngest leading managers in the company’s history.  He was asked to move to various markets to help build teams, drive revenue, and increase profits.


Over time, this constant pull of the next level launched Burk into opening his own construction company in the early 2000s, where he guided that company through the depths of the recession - surviving when most did not.  This accomplishment was instrumental in him being recognized in the ’40 under 40’ group by the Houston Business Journal. At this point, he realized that although he enjoyed building homes, he ultimately loved building people and companies.   


Since then, Moreland has turned his big personality and abilities into success after success within the consulting and coaching world. He truly believes that the unwavering pursuit of untapped potential within individuals can unlock a totally new perspective, allowing them to gain clarity to business ideas, solidify a foundation to established goals, and discover a new ceiling to their career and personal life. This is what it looks like to be a Rainmaker, and to help identify and create Rainmakers.


Today, Moreland is currently an executive coach and trainer for multiple companies on topics ranging from growth and hiring to business processes and procedures. He is also a featured speaker at multiple conventions and shows every year. If big changes towards a discovery of greater success are what you have in mind, Burk Moreland is the catalyst you need. 

Qualifications & ACHIEVEMENTS
  • Received the 40 Under 40 award for up and coming executives for his success in team building.​

  • He has built multiple award-winning teams ranging anywhere from 2 to 60 people.​

  • Success in both building teams from the ground up and improving existing ones.

  • Runs divisions up to $50 million in size with full Profit and Loss responsibility.

  • Started two companies from the ground up and grew both to millions in revenue.

  • In constant contact with banks and lenders as well as investors.

  • Keynote Speaker with record attendance at the International Builder's Shows and PCBC

Companies that have taken it to the next level with burk 
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