Create Meaningful Breakthroughs

Uncover the Keys to Leadership, Team Dynamics and Talent Management in your Organization

2 Day Offsite Intensive for Middle and Senior Level Management

Many well-performing teams hit a plateau. Business is good, but there’s minimal growth, and there’s an experience of stagnation.


Developed from over 2 decades of experience in building and managing teams, this session will give you access to leading a team that’s aligned with, and inspired by their goals.

With the combination of your team and the expertise and support of multiple consultants with varying backgrounds, these sessions include and are not limited to accomplishing the following key objectives:

  • Clarification and alignment of goal(s)
  • Identifying what’s working and not working in all areas that impact that goal
  • Digging deep, to determine what’s in the way of achieving success, identifying and smashing limiting beliefs that no longer serve


  • A 90 day battle plan that includes a detailed task list and assigned team members to ensure accountability and performance.
  • Recommendations for next steps, including additional ongoing support from consultants as needed (for additional fee)

Two-Day Seminars (Recommended Quarterly)

Audience: Middle and Senior Managers

Accompanying Workbook


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(832) 356-4585 or [email protected]

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Burk’s helped me be more organized and that has given me more time to focus on other things and has helped my team out greatly. A lot of my team is stepping up and doing a lot more. It’s helped me have more time to focus on other areas of my business. I get to get out in the field more and spend more time with customers and am able to chase down new business.
~ Rusty Polley, IES Residential