Ebooks that are easy to read and with tips you can implement immediately.

Below is a list of Ebooks written from Burk’s years of experience in the homebuilding industry on things such as delegation, team dynamics, leadership and more.

How To Create a Connected, High Performing Badass Team

This Ebook will give you three, somewhat “out of the ordinary” ways to create the team you’ve always wanted, or kick your current team up a notch… Read More

The 6 1/2 C’s of Sales

Here are 6 1/2 practical things you can do (that all happen to begin with C) that you and your team can put into place to start moving the sales needle today… Read More

The 7 Degrees of Delegation

Knowing how to effectively delegate is one of the best ways to develop your people and free up time to focus on other important tasks that can help you grow your business… Read More

Small Business Bootcamp

Running a business takes a lot of time. Chances are, every free moment you have is well, not “free.” Take 5 minutes to read this Ebook and start fixing your business today…Read More