About Burk Moreland


Burk’s professional success grew quickly out of his love for the home-building industry and his motivation to learn whatever he needed to move his company forward.  His unique ability to identify people’s strengths and cultivate talent contributed to the personal development of those he worked with as well as the overall success of the business.  This skill so informed Burk’s passion for his own career, it became the basis for his coaching practice.

“I thought I loved building homes; I discovered I like building homes, but I love building companies and people.”

His goals in business were first, to be the youngest manager at the large company he worked for, and then, to own his own company by the age of 34.  He accomplished both.  He became known as a rainmaker because of his penchant for finding people who were not in the homebuilding industry but had the right attitude about customers, work, and team, and developing them into leaders.

From city to city, he built teams that set records for revenue, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

A key to success is allowing your team members to do what they do well, then figure out a way to prop up the areas they struggle in.  Don’t force the proverbial square peg into a round hole; put the square peg in the square hole and find another peg for the round one.