About Burk

Burk’s professional success grew quickly out of his love for the home-building industry and his motivation to learn whatever he needed to move his company forward. His unique ability to identify people’s strengths and cultivate talent contributed to the personal development of those he worked with as well as the overall success of the business. This skill so informed Burk’s passion for his own career, it became the basis for his coaching practice.

“I thought I loved building homes. What I realized is that I like building homes, but I love building companies and people.”

His goals in business were first, to be the youngest manager at the large company he worked for, and then, to own his own company by the age of 34. He accomplished both. He became known as a Rainmaker because of his ability for finding people who weren’t yet in the homebuilding industry but had the right attitude about customers, work, and team, and developing them into leaders.

From city to city, he built teams that set records for revenue, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

A key to success is first allowing your team members to do what they do well. Then figure out a way to prop up the areas they struggle in.  Don’t force the proverbial square peg into a round hole; put the square peg in the square hole and find another peg for the round one.

Personal Life & Interests

Burk’s life and career began in Houston, Texas, where he developed a strong work ethic combined with a devotion to family.  An accomplished businessman, instructor and consultant, his extensive experience in the home building industry spans into three decades. In 2012, Burk and his wife relocated their family to Colorado to enjoy the natural beauty and quality of life this state offers.  In the process, Burk shifted his career focus from building homes to building people by expanding his coaching practice to include clients in a variety of business areas as well as home building and real estate.

Growing up in Texas


His father is a mechanical engineer who worked for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for nearly five decades.  He taught Burk the value of a strong work ethic and putting others first.  His ability to tackle any problem and make people feel safe is the quality Burk most strives to emulate.

His mother, a family therapist by trade, taught him the importance of listening to people, to both the spoken and the unspoken messages.  His talent for reading people and knowing when and what they need to hear comes from her.

His grandfather taught him the value of ideas, loyalty, and taking care of your family.  As an entrepreneur who went from very little to a distinguished career, he gave Burk a target to shoot for.  Even when Burk was a child, his grandfather readily discussed business dealings and encouraged him to study and learn about the business world.  His recognition of Burk’s interest, energy and potential inspired his motto, the unwavering pursuit of untapped potential.


Burk subscribes to the philosophy of working to live, not living to work.  “My life centers on my family and I don’t want to get to the end of it regretting the time not spent with them or not enjoying my life.”

After spending his entire life working towards his business goals (owning his own company and making money) and accomplishing everything he set out to do, he asked himself an important question:  Now what?  As he was teaching classes and working with clients, he realized that he needed to heed his own advice and put personal goals first.  As a fifth generation Texan, the decision to move with his wife and daughters to Colorado was not an easy one because it meant leaving nearly all their extended family behind. Yet the mountains have always been a place of peace and good energy for him.

Burk and his family spent a year planning the move.  “When I come home from a trip now, I feel refreshed as I breathe the air.  I love to just stare at the mountains and say to myself, “I really live here!”

The simple question “Why?” is a driver for me.  If there is no real purpose in what I am doing, why do it?  Every choice I make means there is something else I am not choosing, so I want to be fully invested in what I do.  That means thoroughly understanding and committing to why I am doing it.  If I don’t feel a connection to the reason for something, I am not going to give it my all.  If I do, look out…  Once you decide to question why you do things, it makes everything you do much clearer.