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Building People & Companies
A Recipe for Success

Leading the transformation of companies from good to exceptional is Burk Moreland’s trademark. As an executive coach, Burk’s clients are expected to and have experienced measureable return on investment, increased productivity, and up to 200% revenue growth.

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He’s such an influential and positive person – when he speaks everyone listens. He takes control and directs the conversation but he doesn’t come across as a person who “knows it all” – he knows how to express himself and you can hear the sincerity when he talks to you. When he tells you something, there is no doubting him.

Burk has a way of disarming people that’s almost unintentional – he has an ability to encourage you to let your guard down when you feel that maybe your guard should be up – and he can disarm you without even trying.

My office is very personal and important to me; having someone come in and “air your dirty laundry to” was a little scary at first, but Burk made me feel comfortable. He doesn’t just work with me, he talks with my team and helps them too. He has a vested interest in all of us. I’ve picked up several new builders and if I had to put a number to my revenue increase I’d say it’s approximately ~$100,000 per month.